Care Financial and Clinical Outcomes Analytics

With health plans and employers looking to optimize costs and bend healthcare trends, the use of care and wellness management as a key lever has become an integral component of their cost management strategy. This has led to stakeholders investing heavily in preventive care and chronic care management. With budgets tightening and decision makers rationalizing expenses, it’s become increasingly important for vendors and sponsors alike to evaluate and demonstrate both clinical and financial outcomes.

Industry Pain Points

  • Increasing demand for care management program results
  • Lack of knowledge about the real clinical and financial value of a program
  • Clear, transparent and auditable outcomes analysis
  • Demand for routine accurate and credible reports validating the program and investment

Value Proposition and Solution

SCIOinspire provides credible, auditable, and customizable outcomes analytics built on our deep expertise in retrospective outcomes analysis, proprietary software, flexible methodology, and extensive health analytics benchmark database.

SCIOinspire provides Outcomes Analytics to help program sponsors and vendors understand and demonstrate the value of their programs to help improve effectiveness and rationalize care management dollars.

Delivery Models

We provide flexible outcomes analytics to clients based on their needs. We work with clients to identify their analytics and reporting needs and can deliver impactful analytics that can drive decision making via Reporting Service Bureau Analytics, Software and Advisory Services.